Visa to France

The Embassy of the French Republic in Azerbaijan
Baku, Rasul Rza 7 Sabail district
phone: (+99412) 490-81-00; (+99412) 490-81-20; (+99412) 490-81-30

Documents required for visa:

1.      Passport:

-          Passport must be signed by the owner;

-          Passport, must not be expired;

-          Passport must be valid for at least 3 months from the date of return;

-          Passport should have at least two blank pages;

-          If the passport contains questionable marks and stamps, its owner must submit complete information explaining their origin;

-          If a child is registered in the passport, a picture of him must be pasted (regardless of the child’s age). At the age of 18, it’s necessary to present own separate passport.

-          When applying for visa with new passport, it’s necessary to present the previous used passport or a copy of the previous visa.

2.      A copy of the passport, including the page with visas.

3.      Flight booking

4.      Certificate of employment (English translation, notarized); letterhead should specify the address, phone number and company’s name:

-          Position;

-          The start date of work at the company/organization;

-          Indicating salary

Unemployed, students and schoolchildren are required to submit:

-          Certificate of employment of the person funding their trip;

-          Copy of the pension certificate or student ID (school - a certificate from the school). (English translation, notarized);

5.      Documents proving the financial viability. Reference from the bank on the availability of money in the account (at the rate of 100 AZN per night stay in the country), bank statement; Copy of a credit card. (All should be translated to English)

6.      Two identical color photographs taken not more than 6 months prior to the filing of documents, which meet the following requirements:

-          The size of each photo 3 x 4 cm

-          Against white background only

-          The image crisp and clear.

7.       Spouses must submit a copy of the marriage certificate. (English translation, notarized);

8.       Medical insurance. According to the requirement of the embassies medical insurance made in advance should be submitted in original.

9.        If a child (not older than 18y.o.) goes on a trip with a parent or accompanied by a third party, you must submit a copy of the parental consent to leave the child with the guardian. (English translation, notarized);

The document must contain:

Country where you plan a trip, valid power of attorney (no more than three months).

10.      Regular copy of birth certificate for all minors (under 18 years) who are going to make the trip. (English translation, notarized);

11.      Citizens of some foreign countries may apply for visas at consulates of foreign countries in Azerbaijan

In this case, you must submit:

-          Registration at the place of residence (or a replacement document) valid for at least six months at the time of applying;

-          A certificate of employment.

12.      The application form provided by the embassy should be personally signed by the applicant (for children up to 18 years form signed by a parent, children over the age of 18 sign form in person). Embassy will accept only fully completed application forms. Questionnaire is filled by the employee of «Silk Row Travel». The client has to supply the data for the questionnaire and personally sign the application form provided by the Embassy.

 Attention! Having previous France visas which was stamped by other countries may create the reason for rejection of visa

 Attention! The Embassy has the right to require additional documents.

 The visa fee for children 0-11 years old, pensioners, invalids, international competitions, the students who go on learning - 80 AZN.