Visa to the Republic of Lithuania

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Necessary documents for receiving visa

1. International passport: 

- the passport should have its owner’s signature; 
- the passport should not be expired; 
- the passport should be valid for at least 3 months from the return date; 
- the passport should have at least two blank pages; 
- if there are any suspicious records and stamps in the passport, full information should be given to explain their origin; 
If a child is registered in the international passport, his/her photo should be included (regardless of the child’s age). Each person at the age of 15 should present his/her own passport
- if you present a new passport you should also present the previous used international passport (or photocopies of the pages with visas).

2. Passport photocopy, including the pages with visas.

3. Air ticket reservation

4. Employment certificate on the letterhead with the company address, telephone number and name; it should specify: 

- position; 
- the date you started working in the company or organization; 
- salary 
Pensioners, unemployed people, students and schoolchildren should submit: 
- the employment certificate of the person financing their trip; 
- a copy of their pension certificate or student card (for schoolchildren - confirmation from the school).

5. Documents confirming financial competence. 
- Letter from the bank about the account (100 Euro per day)
- A copy of the banking plastic card 

6. 2 same colour photos taken not more than 6 months before submitting the documents, they should meet the requirements below:
- the size of each photo is 3,5 х 4,5 cm
- only on the white background
- the image is sharp and clear.

7. Spouses should submit a copy of their marriage certificate.

8. Medical Insurance.

If the insurance issued previously still meets the requirements of the Embassies, the original policy should be submitted.

9. If a child (under 15) goes on a trip with one of his/her parents or attended by a third person, he/she should submit an ordinary photocopy of the written consent from his/her parent(s) to the child’s travelling with this attendant.
The document should specify:
- the country of the planned trip;
- the validity term of the power of attorney (not longer than three months).

10. Ordinary photocopy of birth certificates of all under-age children (those who are under 18) who are going to make the trip.

11. Citizens of some foreign countries may apply for visa in the consulates of foreign countries in Azerbaijan.
In that case they should submit: 
- registration at the place of stay (or a substituting document) valid for at least six months from the application date; 
- employment certificate.

12. The form of the pattern set by the Embassy and signed personally by the applicant (for children under 18 the form is signed by their parents, while children over 18 sign the form themselves). The form is accepted by the Embassy only if each field is filled. The form is completed by the workers of «Silk Row Travel». The applicant provides the information for the form and personally signs the form of the Embassy.

Attention! If your passport has previous Lithuanian visas annulled by the stamps of other countries, it may cause the rejection of your visa application.

Attention! The Embassy has the right to demand additional documents.

Visa Fee for child 0-11 years, pensioner, disabled, participants in international competitions, students who go there to learn ( 80 AZN )