Visa to Argentina

Necessary documents for receiving visa

1. International passport:
- the passport should have its owner’s signature;
- the passport should not be expired;
- the passport should be valid for at least 3 months from the return date;
- the passport should have at least two blank pages;
- if there are any suspicious records and stamps in the passport, full information should be given to explain their origin;

2. Passport photocopy, including the pages with visas.

3. Air ticket reservation

4. Employment certificate on the letterhead with the company address, telephone number and name; it should specify:
- position;
- the date you started working in the company or organization;
- salary
Pensioners, unemployed people, students and schoolchildren should submit:
- the employment certificate of the person financing their trip;
- a copy of their pension certificate or student card (for schoolchildren - confirmation from the school).

5. Documents confirming financial competence.
- Letter from the bank about the account (100 Euro per day)
- A copy of the banking plastic card

6. 2 same colour photos taken not more than 6 months before submitting the documents, they should meet the requirements below:
- the size of each photo is 3 х 4 cm
- only on a white background
- the image is sharp and clear.

7. Spouses should submit a copy of their marriage certificate.

8. Medical Insurance.
If the insurance issued previously still meets the requirements of the Embassies, the original policy should be submitted.

9. If a child (under 18) goes on a trip with one of his/her parents or attended by a third person, he/she should submit an ordinary photocopy of the written consent from his/her parent(s) to the child’s travelling with this attendant.
The document should specify:
- the country of the planned trip;
- the validity term of the power of attorney (not longer than three months).

10. Ordinary photocopy of birth certificates of all under-age children (those who are under 18) who are going to make the trip.

Visa Fee - 120 AZN. Consular fee - 50 USD.