Garabag Resort & SPA Hotel and Gashalti Health Hotel Naftalan

8 days / 7 nights
from 510

Garabag Resort and Spa Hotel

Garabag Resort and Spa Hotel is located only in 40 minutes ride from the Ganja International Airport, surrounded by pine trees in the renewed city of Naftalan, known as the health center of Azerbaijan in which treatment is held by natural resources 

Naftalan Standard Treatment  
Standart single room - 1040 AZN  
Standart double room - 1505 AZN 

Included in the course of treatment (these are the procedures included in the price): 

• Naftalan bath  
• Application (Naftovit) 
• Amplipuls  
• Ultrason 
• Phonophoresis 
• Darsonvalization; 
• Galvanization; 
• Vacuum therapy; 
• Infrared rays; 
• Sollux; 
• Magnetic therapy. 
• Therapist; 
• Otolaryngologist 
• Neurologist  
• Gynecologist 
• Dermatologist 
• Cardiologist 
• Full abdominal USM (small pelvic organs included); 
• General analysis of blood_Hemogram (17 parameters); 
• Biochemical blood analysis (7 parameters); 
• Analysis for infection (according to the test card HbsAg, HCV, HİV, Siflis); 
• General analysis of urine;  
• During the day, 3 physiotherapy procedures can be prescribed.

Garabag hotel and SPA is a comfortable hotel, with luxurious rooms which combines treatment, relaxation and gastronomy. Comfortable rooms, Spa centers and of course Naftalani oil treatment will help you recuperate both your physical and spiritual health.

Naftalan oil has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, vasodilator and anti-allergic effect, activates intense  metabolic processes in the treatment of male and female diseases. Considering all this Naftalani oil is used in healing 70 types of different diseases

Naftalan oil treatment is based on a program designed in advance and proceeded under strict medical control. Built in such a way to achieve the highest results, deep relaxation, strong energy impulses to combat aging processes

Gashaltı Health Hotel Naftalan

Naftalan osteochondrosis treatment proposal

Standart single room - 615 AZN 
Standart double room - 1020 AZN

Included in the course of treatment (these are the procedures included in the price):
•  Nativ Naftalan bath - 5
* In case of contraindications, iodine-bromine, light bath or 4-chamber bath are replaced as an alternative treatment
• Amplipuls - 6
• Magnetotherapy - 6

•  General analysis of blood;
• General analysis of urine; 
•  ALT;  
•  AST;  
•  Determination of sugar in blood (glucose);  
•  Therapist;  
•  Creatinine;  
•  Calcium;  
•  Full abdominal USM (small pelvic organs included);  
•  EKQ;  
•  Therapist's examination;  
•  Gynecologist's examination (for women);  
•  Urologist's examination (in men).

• 7 nights / 8 days stay;

• Three meals a day;

• Course of treatment;

• SPA: Pool, Turkish Bath, Fitness.

• Cinema 

• Animation program